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Great images are a necessity rather than a luxury as they are usually the first thing a prospective client notices about your business. SantaFe Photography offers a high-quality service to those customers looking for inspiring images.

Depending on your needs we will be able to support your project with a range of professionals that include make-up artists, hairstylists, etc. You can also rely on us to procure models, props, and locations. 

The result will be an impressive set of images ready to be featured in a magazine, blog, or even social media.


"I’m an MUA and worked with Santa on a shoot day a couple of months ago, and couldn’t recommend her enough! Despite the other MUA dropping out, I felt at ease on an actual day and wasn’t once made to feel under any pressure for time, etc. We worked together to create the looks, I particularly loved the fact that Santa let me have creative freedom and allowed me to experiment with colours and textures. The final images turned out amazing, and the work went to publication - something I’m still so excited about! Looking forward to working with Santa in the future and to see what more we can create together!"


"I have worked with Santa as a model and as a small business owner and I can tell that she is an amazing person that makes your pictures and business grow.

Thanks, Santa and hope to work with you in future again ❤"


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